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Soldering Accessories

Soldering Accessories
Option: Solder 20gOption: Solder Roll 100gOption: Solder Roll 250gOption: De-solodering Wire
Option: Solder Sucker PenOption: Soldering Sponges (10)Option: Soldering Cleaning BallOption: Soldering Cleaning Ball Re-fill
Option: Soldering PasteOption: Soldering Iron StandOption: Universal Clamping KitOption: Helping Hands
Our Price:  £6.25(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Silverline

Solder: 1mm 60/40 tin/lead 20g & 100g flux covered, 250g multicore.

De-Soldering Wire: !mm x 1.5mtrs copper braid wick for removing solder.

Solder Sucker Pen: For removing solder.

Soldering Sponges: For using to keep the soldering iron tip clean, moisten first.

Soldering Cleaning Ball:  Brass wool cleans the soldering iron tip without the need for water, retaining the tip temperature. 

Soldering Cleaning Ball Re-fill: Replacement brass wool.

Soldering Paste: Avoids dry joints through oxidization, fix components to circuit board and leaves no residue, unlike most flux which needs to be cleaned off.

Soldering Iron Stand: Heavy duty base with reinforced spring holder supplied with a cleaning sponge.

Universal Clamping Kit: Rigid metal structure with rubber feet for stability. Can be rotated 360 degrees provides support when soldering various sized circuit boards.

Helping Hands: For securing jobs when soldering  or any other precision work, leaving hands free. Heavy duty cast iron base with adjustable joints, 2 x heavy duty crocodile clips, soldering iron holder, cleaning sponge and 60mm dia magnifying glass.

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