REGNER Live Steam

We are the authorised UK dealer and importer for Regner live steam models of Germany. Regner are a small family run firm producing beautifully engineered locomotives, marine and stationary engines, wagons, decorative parts and accessories . The production runs are small, and as the engines are practically hand built sometimes we have to wait for stock. Regner engines are extremely popular and the Easy line range lend themselves to a lot of personalisation and alterations and can be seen running at shows in many disguises. The Easy Line engines are all built with oscillating cylinders, but are geared down so are easily controllable. Unlike some direct drive oscillating cylinder engines which may run away with you down grade or on a sharp curve. Having the gearing gives more power and means that gradients are smoothed. We have many extra options that we fit to these locomotives, such as Ronson gas filler valves, water top ups, whistles, Summerlands chuffers, smaller pressure gauges and for Chaloner hard wood boiler cladding. I have also successfully fitted radio control to many Lumber Jacks, Chaloners and even fitted radio control to the regulator on Vincents. Please don't be surprised to find your new loco has been run. Although Regner thoroughly test their engines after manufacture, I now have taken it upon myself to test steam every complete engine as they arrive from Germany. Just so I know you will be happy with your new engine.

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Regner Heisler Locomotive

Regner Heisler Locomotive£1,700.00  -  £1,950.00

Regner 25580/1 Tram Nr; 102 'Paul' Kit or RTR

Regner 25580/1 Tram Nr; 102 'Paul' Kit or RTR£1,110.00  -  £1,540.00

Regner 25400 Lumber Jack RTR   *Now with water top up fitted*

Regner 25400 Lumber Jack RTR *Now with water top up fitted*£1,080.00  -  £1,090.00

Regner 25470 Chaloner

Regner 25470 Chaloner£940.00

Regner 25460 Vincent

Regner 25460 Vincent£889.00

Regner 20150 0-6-0 Chassis

Regner 20150 0-6-0 Chassis£650.00  -  £700.00

Regner 20689 Tender

Regner 20689 Tender£310.00

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