Welcome to the world of REGNER SchmalSpurBahn, RSSB. Germany in 1987 and in a world of 45mm G scale, Herr REGNER made a very brave decision,  to produce a small Feldbahn field railway. This is the sort of narrow gauge railway that would serve a sawmill, quarry, pit, mine or factory. The scale is 1:22.5 and it was decided that the gauge would be 30mm to represent the 600mm or 2 foot prototype. The system is small enough for a small layout indoors but is constructed of injection moulded plastic that is UV resistant and the track is made of brass so it's made to be outside. The motor units are sealed and  powered by a five pole geared down motor that operates at 0-18 volts from the track. As with all things REGNER there is no compromise on detail,  from the sleepers on the track which look like they are well worn  to a locomotive with separate brass fittings. The locomotives and rolling stock are supplied in kits. The wagons  have delightful cast brass four hole insulated wheels and a choice of couplings to suit  are available separately. 

We are able to supply RSSB rolling stock re-gauged to 32mm and we have now managed to convert the RSSB diesels to radio control.