The John Meekcoms Collection

This collection is from a dear friend who passed away recently. John was a gentleman in the true sense of the word. A fellow member of the Bishop's Stortford Railway Society and a prolific modeller with an eye for detail. All the Mamod steam engines have been restored by him some beyond specification with many embellishments. 

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Mamod TEK1 with Log Trailer

Mamod TEK1 with Log Trailer£180.00

Mamod TE1A Traction Engine

Mamod TE1A Traction Engine£150.00

Mamod SE2 Stationary Engine

Mamod SE2 Stationary Engine£70.00

Mamod 2 Wheel Cart with Sacks

Mamod 2 Wheel Cart with Sacks£50.00

Mamod Log Trailer LW1

Mamod Log Trailer LW1£50.00

Wilesco Dynamo

Wilesco Dynamo£40.00

Workshop Accessories

Workshop Accessories£20.00  -  £35.00

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items