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Soldering Irons

Soldering Irons
Option: Soldering Kit 9pceOption: Soldering StationOption: 25w Soldering IronOption: 40w Soldering iron
Option: 60w Soldering IronOption: 100w Soldering IronOption: Gas Soldering IronOption: Butane Gas Torch

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Our Price:  £30.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Silverline

Soldering Kit 9pce:  100w soldering gun for heavy cables and sheet metal. 30w soldering iron with a fine tip for precision and electronics. Soldering iron stand, positioning tool, resin flux, solder, solder sucker de-soldering tool, spare tip for the soldering gun, adjustable helping hands with magnifying glass in a robust carry case.

Soldering Station: Temperature range 150-480C, 5-48w adjustable output suitable for a wide range of general soldering tasks including precision electronic use. 1.2mm soldering iron tip and soft grip handle. Built in soldering iron stand and sponge holder and sponge included.

25w Soldering Iron: For use on circuit boards, thin wires and delicate components. Temp range;350-420C.

40watt Soldering Iron: General purpose soldering iron suitable for a wide range of electrical soldering. Temp range: 420-480°C.

60watt Soldering Iron: Suitable for electrical and automotive work, soft soldering of high current cables and decorative work. Supplied with an angled chisel tip. Temp range: 480-520° C.

100w Soldering Iron: For brass kit building, soldering wire to large scale track or wherever high heat is needed. Temp range: 500-550C.

Gas Soldering Iron Kit: Refillable with Butane lighter gas. Electronic ignition and heat adjustment includes 4 soldering tips.

Butane Gas Torch: Compact refillable with Butane lighter gas and piezoelectric ignition. Fine flame adjustment suitable for craft work, jewellery, model making and minor plumbing repairs. Max temperature 1300º C approx working time 25 minutes.

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