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Option: File Set MS98Option: Warding Files MS102Option: Warding File Set (10)
Option: Needle Files MS100Option: Needle File Set With HandleOption: Diamond Needle Files (10)
Option: Diamond Needle Files (5)Option: Mini Diamond Needle Files (5)Option: Gaugemaster GM632 Budget Needle Files (10)
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File Set MS98 (3pc): 250mm, Flat, round and half round files with soft grip handles.

Warding Files (6pc): 100mm Flat, square tapered, round tapered, triangle tapered, half round tapered and flat tapered. Storage wallet.

Warding files (10pc): 180mm soft grip vinyl handles with a storage wallet.

Needle Files (10pc): Half round with tapered end, round, crossing, barrette, Three square, square with tapered end, flat warding, 2 x tapered flats and round edge pillar with tapered end.

Needle File Set With Handle:​ 10 Needle files in a storage wallet supplied with a separate comfortable handle. Files approx: 140mm

Diamond Needle File Set (10pc): Soft grip vinyl handles with a storage wallet. Files approx: 140mm.

Diamond Needle File Set (5pc): Soft grip vinyl handles. Files approx: 140mm.

Mini Diamond Needle File Set (5pc): Soft grip vinyl handles for very intricate work. Files approx: 100mm.

Guagemaster GM632 Budget Needle Files: (10) Medium cut for finescale modelling, jewellery etc. Length 139mm.

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