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Hacksaws, Razor saws & Saw Blades

Hacksaws, Razor saws & Saw Blades
Option: Junior HacksawOption: Heavy Duty Junior HacksawOption: High Tension Low Profile Junior HacksawOption: Junior Hacksaw Blades (10)
Option: Close Quarter HacksawOption: 12Option: Exel 55001Razor Saw SetOption: Exel 55670 Razor Saw Set
Option: Exel 55665 Mitre BlockOption: Excel 30440 Razor Saw Blade 3/4Option: Excel 30450 Razor Saw Blade 1Option: Excel 30460 Razor Saw Blade 1 1/4
Option: Excel 30470 Razor Saw Blade 1 1/2Option: Excel 30480 Razor Saw Blade 2Option: Excel 30490 Razor Saw Blade 1 1/4Option: Excel 30491 Razor Saw Blade 1 1/2

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Our Price:  £1.70(Inc. 20% VAT)

Junior Hacksaw:  Thick, powder coated 6mm steel frame, with blade.

Heavy Duty Junior Hacksaw: Die cast aluminium frame, multi positional blade, comfortable ergonomic handle, with blade.

High Tension, Low Profile Junior Hacksaw: 'I' beam construction low profile to reach confined areas. Multi positional blade and non-slip rubber handle with blade.

Junior Hacksaw Blades: Pack of ten strong flexible long life carbon steel blades 150mm.

Close Quarter Hacksaw: Die-cast aluminium soft-grip handle. Uses conventional and broken blades.

Carbon Steel Hacksaw Blades 300mm: 24pack 24tpi For cutting mild steel or non ferrous metal. 

Excel 55001 Razor Saw: Plastic handle with one 5" hardened steel blade 30490 1 1/4" 46TPI for wood, plastic, alloy, copper and brass.

Excel 55670 Razor Saw: Plastic handle with two 5" hardened steel blades 30490 1 1/4" 46TPI and 30450 1" 42TPI for wood, plastic, alloy, copper and brass.

Excel 55665 Mitre Box: Aluminium mitre box with 90 and 45 degree angles.

Excel Razor Saw Blades: Available in several different depths and TPI (teeth per inch). for fine cutting choose the higher TPI. For cutting wood, plastic, alloy, copper and brass.


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