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Levels, Measuring and Squares

Levels, Measuring and Squares
Option: Two Way LevelOption: Line levelOption: Torpedo pocket levelOption: Micrometer
Option: Digital Vernier caliper 150mmOption: Brass gauge 4Option: Caliper SetOption: 75mm Square
Option: 100mm SquareOption: 150mm SquareOption: 200mm SquareOption: Occre 19124 Mini Plastic Caliper
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Two way Level: For determining the level surfaces and positioning of pillar drills etc. Or mount in a wagon to level trackwork, lots of uses around the railway. 60mm x 45mm.                                                                                                                                                            

Line Level: A pocket sized lightweight level with moulded hooks for use with a string line, but also very useful for a railway line.

Torpedo Pocket level: Lightweight level tapered for a comfortable fit in the pocket, made from strong ABS plastic. Has a magnetic base and has 45, 90 and 180 degree vials. 230mm long with a hanging hole for storage.

Micrometer: Enamelled frame and satin chrome thimble. Supplied in a case. Range 0-25mm. Resolution 0.01mm.

Digital Vernier Gauge: Hardened stainless steel. External, internal, depth and step measurements. Large easy read display. Thumb wheel for fine adjustment. metric and imperial measurements to 0.01mm/0.0005" accuracy.

4" Brass Gauge: Pocket size solid brass sliding gauge measures up to 100mm.

Spring Caliper Set: For measuring and marking out. Lengths: Divider 202mm, internal caliper 180mm external caliper 180mm.

Engineers Squares: Lengths: 75mm, 100mm,150mm and 200mm.

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