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Option: 8oz Ball Pein Hammer 719794Option: Swiss Style Hammer 1ozOption: Ball Pein Hammer 1oz
Option: Repousse HammerOption: Watchmakers MalletOption: Economy Watchmakers Hammer

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Our Price:  £4.60(Inc. 20% VAT)


8oz Ball Pein Hammer: A forged steel head and premium ash shaft. Polished and lacquered chamfered striking face and ball end. Varnished handle for water and dirt resistance. For striking and shaping metal objects.

Swiss Style Hammer: !oz Another hammer that is great for model making. Has a chisel head for shaping rivets, shaping objects and patterns. Length approx; 200mm. Head 60mm.

Ball Pein Hammer: 1oz As above but half the weight. Length approx: 205mm. Head 50mm.

Repousse Hammer: 4oz Ideal for the shaping of lightweight metals. Length approx: 250mm. Head 70mm.

Watchmakers Mallet: 2oz With a brass and nylon head. Length approx: 230mm. Head 52mm.

Economy Watchmakers Hammer: 

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