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S & D Models Tools

S & D Models  Tools
Option: XA1 Oil CanOption: XA2 AxeOption: XA3 Sledge hammerOption: XA4 Pick Axe
Option: XA5 Ball pein sledge hammerOption: XA6 Small Pick AxeOption: XA7 D handle shovelOption: XA8 Builders shovel
Option: XA9 Pair of spannersOption: XA10 BucketOption: XA11 Tin Bath

These tools are made to 1:24 scale but some may be suitable for other scales (how big is a bucket or a spanner?). I have included the approximate measurements listed below for your convenience. Please click the options above to see image and check it is in stock.

Our Price:  £1.70(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  S & D Models

S & D Models 1/24th scale tools cast in lead free pewter. These castings may need a little cleaning up with a file before painting.

XA1 Oil can  - Length: 30.5mm x 8mm High

XA2 Axe - Length: 41.6mm x 10.2mm

XA3 Sledge hammer - Length: 39mm x 10.4mm

XA4 Pick axe - Length: 40.4mm x 30mm

XA5 Ball pein sledge hammer - Length: 39mm x 10.5mm

XA6 Small pick axe - Length: 39.7mm x 26.8mm

XA7 D handle shovel, long blade with round shoulders - Length: 41.7mm x 9.5mm

XA8 Builders shovel - Length: 41.5mm x 12.4mm

XA9 Pair of double ended spanners (2 sizes) - Length: 17.8mm and Length: 14.3mm

XA10 Bucket casting with separate wire handle - 14.6mm diameter x 13.4mm high + handle

XA11 Tin bath - Length: 58.5mm over handles x 36.5mm wide x 18mm high


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