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S & D Models Detailing separate parts

S & D Models  Detailing separate parts
Option: GP1 20mm Grab handles (5)Option: GP2 25mm Grab handles (5)Option: GP3 34mm Grab handles (4)Option: GP4 Corner roof rails (4)
Option: GP5 Step irons (4)Option: GP6 20mm Brake wheel (2)Option: GP7 16.2mm Brake wheel (2)Option: GP8 Coupler top blocks (dummy)
Option: GP9 4 Door hangers, 2 Locking bars & 2 PadlocksOption: GP10 2 Marker lights (dummy)Option: GP11 Brakemans platformOption: GP12 Uncoupler rods & shackles (pair)
Option: GP13 Brake rod assemblies with hand wheel & chainOption: GP14 Bobber caboose ladder

These parts are made for the Bachmann range, but may be suitable for other makes. Approximate measurements are given below. Please click on the options above to view the product and make sure it is in stock.

Our Price:  £2.50(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  S & D Models
Scale:  G

GP1 - 5 x Grab handles 20mm between pegs

GP2 - 5 x Grab handles 25mm between pegs

GP3 - 4 x Grab handles 34mm between pegs

GP4 - 4 x Roof rails corners 22mm x 22mm

GP5 - 4 x Step irons 17.7mm wide x 22.2mm high

GP6 - 2 x 20mm diameter brake wheels

GP7 - 2 x 16.2mm diameter brake wheels

GP8 - 2 x Dummy coupler top blocks 19.4mm x 10mm

GP9 - 4 x door hangers, 2 x Locking bars and 2 x Padlocks

GP10 - 2 x Dummy marker lights 19.5mm high x 13.9mm wide + brackets

GP11 - 3 Piece brakeman's platform 35.2mm x 15.3mm

GP12 - Pair of uncoupling rods and shackles

GP13 - Brake rod assemblies with a hand wheel and chain

GP14 - 2 x Bobber caboose ladders, a set of castings and tube for the rungs. To replace the plastic ladders on the Bachmann bobber caboose, this kit makes two ladders approx 122mm long