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REGNER Sight/Gauge Glass Tube 4mm O/D or 6mm O/D

REGNER Sight/Gauge Glass Tube 4mm O/D or 6mm O/D
Option: 30517 4mm glass tube 42mm longOption: 30501 4mm glass tube 58mm longOption: 30502 4mm glass tube 72mm long
Option: 30506 4mm glass tube 100mm longOption: New 6mm O/D Glass Tube 42mm
Our Price:  £2.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Regner

The old REGNER gauge glass available in four different lengths, outside diameter 4mm inside diameter 2mm. The new 6mm outside diameter is only available in 42mm lengths at the moment. If you need a longer length of the 6mm please call me.Choose your option from the box above. Longer lengths can be cut to size by scoring around the glass with the edge of a triangular needle file and then snapping or making several passes with a cutting disc in a dremel type tool. Lengths are approximate.

30517: 4mm O/D 42mm Long is the most used and is the length supplied with the complete water gauge 30120.

30501: 4mm O/D 58mm Long.  

30502: 4mm O/D 72mm Long.

30506: 4mm O/D 100mm Long.

6MM42: 6mm O/D 42mm Long.



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