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Regner Servo Holders & R/C Equipment

Regner Servo Holders & R/C Equipment
Option: 80106 Vertical servo holderOption: 80105 Horizontal servo holderOption: 30503 Clevis for M3 rodOption: 30516 Clevis for M2 rod
Option: 51120 M2 Pins pack of 5Option: 80123 Charger socket 2.1Option: 80118 Switch & cable
Our Price:  £7.60(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Regner

Regner 80106 vertical servo holder suitable for Hi-Tec HS82 MG servo. The servo fixing holes are about 36mm apart and the foot has elongated holes to allow for a little adjustment. Chemically blackened solid brass. The HS82 metal geared servos will stand up to the heat and used with the servo holder are great to control the regulator on Lumber jack.

Regner 80105 horizontal servo holder suitable for the Hi-Tec HS82 MG servo. Servo mounting holes are about 36mm apart. The holder is for fixing the servo on it's side, but also has fixing holes so the servo can be mounted on it's back. Chemically blackened solid brass.

Regner 30503 & 30516 Clevis for control linkage. Forked head with a 2mm through hole and the other threaded M2. 30503 is threaded for the end of an M3 rod and 30516 threaded for the end of an M2 rod.

Regner 51120 M2 Threaded pin 5 pack ideal for the 30503 & 30516 Clevis part threaded M2x2x 6mm long pin with a slotted end for a screwdriver.

Regner 80123 Charger socket   for the common ​2.1plug. Three terminals centre for positive and two negative one of which disconnects when a plug is inserted. Two M2 threaded holes for bolts.

Regner 80118 Switch cable On/Off switch with removable top plate for fixing. Three leads one with a Futaba socket for the battery connection and two with Futaba plugs for the receiver and a charger socket.


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