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Regner Lubricators and Lubricator Parts

Regner Lubricators and Lubricator Parts
Option: 20204 LubricatorOption: 20245 LubricatorOption: 40405 Lubricator
Option: Lubricator Drain Screw & O-ringOption: Lubricator Top Cap & O-ringOption: Lubricator Spindle Bush
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Brand:  Regner

Regner 'O' Rings in packs of 5Regner 'O' Rings in packs of 5

All Regner displacement lubricators are fitted with a needle valve control. This means you can control the amount of oil needed. An example is when new a Chaloner is new it requires the handwheel to be opened about two full turns from the stop. Once the engine is run in (about ten steamings) the handwheel can be shut to half to one full turn. Once the engine has cooled the water can be drained or syringed off and any remaining oil can be used for the next run. 

Steam connections are M5x0.5

Regner 20204 Standard loco displacement lubricator with drain screw. Height approx. 48mm.

Regner20245 Loco displacement lubricator without drain (requires a syringe to empty) with 'T' connector Height approx. 40mm.

Regner 40405 Large loco or model boat displacement lubricator with drain screw and 'T' connector. Height approx. 58mm.

Regner Drain Screw with O-ring slotted for draining water without completely removing. Also used for the condensate tanks on Chaloner and Willi. O-ring spare part number is 51345.

Regner Lubricator Screw Cap with O-ring. O-ring spare part number is 51349.

Regner Lubricator Spindle Bush. To create the seal around the spindle on the needle valve use with PTFE tape.

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Regner 'O' Rings in packs of 5

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