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Regner 40458 'Kraftwerk' Power Plant

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The Regner 40458 Kraftwerk Power Plant. For use outside or indoors (in a well-ventilated space). 

A single cylinder oscillating engine with two flywheels driving a generator via a polyurethane drive belt mounted on a well-made decorative base board. Fitted with a large gas tank and a water top up system for long runs. The Kraftwerk is fitted with all the usual well-engineered fittings from Regner and makes an excellent display piece. It's fitted with a water level gauge, pressure gauge, regulator, reverser, and the Regner adjustable displacement lubricator. There is also provision for the fitting of a steam whistle on the manifold. The exhaust is taken to a condensate tank which can be emptied while the engine is in steam by attaching a silicone hose (provided) to one of the pipes on the tank. If you then cover the end of bigger pipe the engine will empty the tank by steam power (I would not recommend you use a finger!). The generator output is 1.6 watts, 4.6 volts, 0.35A. The wooden base is 250mm long by 150mm wide and 25mm high. The total height is 280mm.


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