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Regner 25590/1 Guinness No:12

Our Price:  £1,636.50(Inc. 20% VAT)
Ronson replacement gas filler  valve:  
Starter Set:  
1/2 inch Pressure Gauge fitted 0-80 psi:  

Brand:  Regner
Gauge:  Adjustable 32mm /45mm
Scale:  7/8ths (1:13.7)
Power:  Gas fired live steam



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Originally built in 1891 for the extensive 1' 10"gauge Guinness brewery one of a total of 18 using this design, she was eventually scrapped in 1954. Designed in house by the Chief Engineer at Guinness Samuel Geoghegan, who helped draw up plans for a tributary to the nearby canal as well as the narrow gauge network. The locos were successful and all but the first built at William Spence & Co a local foundry. They even had frames that the locos could be dropped into to work on the 5' 3". The wheels engaged with rollers in the frame and through a geared system drove the main wheels.

The model is now available Ready To Run only.

The gas fired model is powered by a twin cylinder oscillating motor unit geared down for slow running with a working Jackshaft. It has a lever regulator, reverser, pressure gauge, water level gauge and a water top up valve. 


The model is supplied with the Regner standard gas tank filler valve, the Ronson converted gas valve is offered as an extra. 

The 1/2" & 3/4" Pressure gauges are for the ready to run models only. They are bottom entry and the 1/2" is nearer to scale. The Regner standard gauge is 23mm in diameter and rear entry so can appear bulky in an open cab.

Length: 185mm

Width: 104mm

Height: 140mm