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Metric Brass Nuts, Bolts & Washers

Metric Brass Nuts, Bolts & Washers
Option: Brass hex bolts M1.4x4 SW2  (20)Option: Brass hex bolts M1.4x7 Sw2  (20)Option: Brass hex bolts M2x4 Sw3  (20)Option: Brass hex bolts M2x7 Sw3  (20)
Option: Brass hex bolts M2x12 Sw3  (20)Option: Brass hex bolts M2x4 Sw4  (20)Option: Brass hex bolts M2x10 Sw4  (20)Option: Brass hex bolts M2x12 Sw4  (20)
Option: Brass hex blots M3x4 Sw4  (20)Option: Brass hex bolts M3x7 Sw4  (20)Option: Brass hex bolts M3x12 Sw4  (20)Option: Brass hex bolts M3x16 Sw4  (20)
Option: Brass Nuts M2 SW3  (20)Option: Brass Nuts M2 Sw4  (20)Option: M2 Cap Nuts SW3 (10)Option: Brass Nuts M3 Sw4  (20)
Option: Brass Nuts M3 Sw5 (20)Option: Brass Washers M2 (2.2mm bore)  (20)Option: Brass Washers M3 (3.2mm bore)  (20)Option: Brass Washers M4 (4.2mm bore)  (20)
Our Price:  £4.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  GRL

These brass bolts nuts and washers are made in Germany and are an ideal replacement for the Chinese bolts used by some manufacturers.   

M number is the thread size, M2 is 0.4 pitch. M3 is 0.5 pitch.

The x number is the length of useable thread (not the total bolt length).

Sw is the head size across the hex flat to flat.

The M4 washers are ideal for a 4mm axle if you need a spacer.

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