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LGB Traction Tyres Pack of 5

LGB Traction Tyres Pack of 5
Option: 37.5mm 69104 or E126174 Pack of 5Option: 46.5mm 69184 or E131368 Pack of 5Option: 30.5mm E145062 Pack of 4Option: 54.5mm Mikado Pack of 4
Our Price:  £7.80(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  LGB

Genuine LGB traction tyres sold in smaller more convenient packs. Check your loco manual for the correct LGB part number.

37.5mm 69104 New Number E126174

46.5mm 69184 New Number E131368

30.5mm E145062 Rhb Traktor

54.5mm Mikado tyres