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Electronics Pliers, Cutters & Wire Strippers

Electronics Pliers, Cutters & Wire Strippers
Option: Combination PliersOption: Auto Wire StripperOption: 2-in-1 Adjustable Wire Strippers and cuttersOption: Long Reach Pliers 280mm
Option: Occre 19129 Flush CuttersOption: Occre 10513 Thread CutterOption: Occre 19127 Flat Nose PliersOption: Occre 19128 Round Nose Pliers
Option: Tasma JP-0106 Bent Nose PliersOption: Tasma  JP-0102 Long Nose PliersOption: Tasma JP-04 Crimping PliersOption: Gaugemaster GM604 Round Nose Pliers
Option: Gaugemaster GM605 Flat Nose PliersOption: Gaugemaster GM606 Side CuttersOption: Gaugemaster GM607 1/2 Round PliersOption: Gaugemaster GM608 Bent Nose Pliers
Option: Electronic NippersOption: Jewellers Tinsnips 180mmOption: Mini Decal Snips

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Our Price:  £3.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Combination Pliers 598457 Chrome vanadium steel, and spring loaded handles.

Auto Wire Stripper 934113 Die cast frame and adjustable stripping length guide. Strips 0.5, 1.2, 2.0, 2.6, & 3.2mm. 170mm .

2-in1 Adjustable Wire Strippers & Cutters 296135  Lightweight and adjustable. Suitable for wire 0.2mm to 6mm². Built in wire cutting blade.

Long Reach Straight Pliers 993033 Chrome vanadium steel, hardened and tempered with induction hardened cutting edges and soft grip vinyl handles. Length 280mm.

Occre 19129 Flush Cutters: For plastic sprue and electronics work. Length: 13cm.

Occre 10513 Thread Cutter: Not just for thread a very handy pair of tiny snips. Length: 10.5cm.

Occre 19127 Flat Nose Pliers: Thin nosed with a serrated jaw for grip. Length: 12.5 cm.

Occre 19128 Round Nose Pliers: For wire or strip bending. Length 12cm.

Tasma JP-0106 Bent Nose Pliers: With a smooth jaw for delicate jobs.

Tasma JP-0102 Long Nose Pliers: With a serrated jaw for grip and wire cutting facility.

Tasma JP-04 Crimping Pliers: For crimping wire joiners.

Gaugemaster GM604 Round Nose Pliers: Spring loaded with smooth jaws & insulated grips. For wire bending etc. Length 130mm.

Gaugemaster GM605 Flat Nose Pliers: Spring loaded with smooth jaws and insulated grips. Length 145mm.

Gaugemaster GM606 Side Cutters: Spring loaded precision cutter for wire,sprue etc. Length 120mm.

Gaugemaster GM607 1/2 Round Nose Pliers: Spring loaded with smooth jaws & insulated grips for wire bending etc. Length 140mm.

Gaugemaster GM608 Bent Nose Pliers: Spring loaded with smooth jaws, for those awkward places. Insulated grips. Length 145mm.

Electronic Nippers: Induction hardened alloy steel blades with a 45° offset. Ideal for electronics and intricate work. Sprung soft grip handles maximum jaw opening 6mm. Length: 125mm (5").

Jewellers Tinsnips 180mm:  For cutting light gauge metal. Suitable for cutting intricate shapes. 

Mini Decal Snips 106mm: Comfortable precision scissors with a return spring, excellent for cutting out decals etc.

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