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LGB Second hand 21382 New York Perley Thomas Streetcar

Our Price:  £400.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  LGB
Gauge:  45mm
Scale:  G 1:22.5



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New York Third Avenue Railway System Tram car with MTS sound, can be used without modifications on analogue or digital layouts. Sounds include the background sounds from city traffic and every 20 seconds the compressor runs. Drive sounds - the bell sounds when the streetcar moves off as well as sounding randomly as the car is moving, the drive motor accelerates as the speed rises and there is even the sound of the rail joints. The brakes squeal when the speed is reduced. When used digitally it's possible to operate the bell, brake sounds, interior bell, conductor announcements and the door opening sounds from the controller as well as to turn off the sounds to park up. With directional headlight and interior lighting. Doors can be opened by pulling down the steps, the interior contains two passengers and a driver. in excellent condition boxed with a full set of unused destination/car number stickers