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Accucraft Cavan & Leitrim 4-4-0T

Accucraft Cavan & Leitrim 4-4-0T
Option: No. 2 'Kathleen'-C&L Lined GreenOption: No.2L 'Kathleen-GSR GreyOption: No.2L 'Kathleen'-Plain Black
Option: No.3 'Lady Edith'-C&L Lined GreenOption: No.3L 'Lady Edith'-GSR GreyOption: No.3L 'Lady Edith'-Plain Black
Our Price:  £1,950.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Accucraft
Gauge:  45mm
Scale:  1:20.3

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The price is a target price and is subject to change. The price shown has been checked with Accucraft as at 20/01/2021.

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An elegant model from Accucraft of the Cavan & Leitrim 3 foot gauge 4-4-0T in live steam for 2021.

The model is internally gas fired and has piston valve cylinders. The boiler is fitted with a water level gauge and a water top up valve. The lubricator needs to be emptied with a syringe. The gas tank filler valve is under one of the water tank fillers. The gas control valve is disguised as a brake standard and all the cab controls are accessible via the hinged cab roof. It is available in either fully lined Cavan & Leitrim green, un-numbered GSR grey or plain satin black. Nameplates are provided for both Kathleen and Lady Edith, but these are not fitted allowing you the choice of another member of the class if you wish.

Minimum Radius: 1m (39")

Length: 373mm

Width: 104mm

Height: 154mm

Working pressure: 60psi

Fuel: Butane gas

Reversing gear: piston type with lever in the cab