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16mm scale 3d printed Milk Churns (pair)

16mm scale 3d printed Milk Churns (pair)
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Brand:  3dLux
Scale:  1:19 16mm to 1ft



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Sold in pairs, these churns are approximately 45mm high and made using white ABS filament. To keep costs down, the churns will need some cleaning up, they are just as they come off the printer. There is a brim around the base to remove and the handles will have some stringy bits. But they will look good once they are cleaned up and painted silver to replicate the galvanised finish.

This was the original shape milk churn used up to the 1930s. Before this they had tried transporting the milk in pails with lids, but found they were unstable leading to a lot of spilt milk. They needed something that had a bigger capacity (about 17 gallons) and had a wide base for stability. So they tried using the dairy farmers butter churns which were a cylindrical tapered shape for making butter. This evolved into the Milk Churn. The name churn was retained even though they were not for churning milk.