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16mm scale 3d printed Loco/Tail Lamp

16mm scale 3d printed Loco/Tail Lamp
Our Price:  £3.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  3dLux
Scale:  1:19 16mm to 1ft



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This 16mm scale head or tail lamp is made using white ABS filament and sold just as it comes off the printer to keep costs down. The parts are supplied on a plastic brim and you will need a sharp knife to carefully remove the handle lamp body and two alternative brackets which can be glued on to the back or side of the lamp and shortened to your requirements. The lense at the front of the lamp will also have some excess support plastic to remove. Although the lamp is white I would recommend that you paint it for stability. Beware of hot surfaces these lamps are plastic, whilst it is not suitable for mounting directly on a live steam locos smokebox I have used these on the running board. It may be possible to drill out the body and fit an LED although I have not tried yet.

The lamp body is 16mm high, or 25mm high including the handle

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