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Engineers Tools

Engineers Tools
Option: Mini AnvilOption: Mini Wire BrushesOption: Medium Wire BrushesOption: Auto Centre Punch
Option: Taper ReamerOption: Pin vice setOption: Micro Drill SetOption: Pin Chucks
Option: Scratch Brushes (3pce)Option: Scriber
Our Price:  £4.50(Inc. 20% VAT)

Mini Anvil: Cast iron for tasks requiring a small striking surface. 33mm horn for shaping and a 7x22mm flat striking face.                     Mini Wire Brushes: Soft grip rubber handles and 15mm bristles. Nylon, brassed and stainless steel. Length 175mm brush heads 40mm x 10mm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Medium Wire Brushes: Soft grip rubber handles. Nylon, brassed and stainless steel. Length 190mm.                                                                Auto Centre Punch: Brass body with a hardened tip.  No need for a hammer adjustable automatic action for hard or soft metal.                Taper Reamer: Hardened tempered carbon steel, with six flutes to ream and deburr 3-12mm.                                                                   PinVice Set: For holding wire, taps, scribers and reamers. Tubular handles, 4 jaw chuck sizes 1,2,3 and 4mm.                                    MicroDrillSet: 20HSS drills for drilling wood, plastic, alloys and soft metal. 0.30,0.35,0.40,0.45,0.50,0.55,0.60,0.65,0.70,0.75,0.80,0.85,0.90,0.95,1.00,1.20,1.30,1.40,1.50 and 1.60mm.                                                       Pin Chuck set: For use with small drills. 3 collet sizes 0-0.8mm, 0.8-1.5mm and 1.5-2.5mm.                                                                     Scratch Brushes: Set of 3 with retractable bristles of brass, steel and fibreglass.                                                                           Scriber: Double ended hardened steel for marking metal plastics and other material. ! x straight and 1 x 90 degree. Length 200mm.

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